This first assignment will help you know who your new members are. It includes reflective material for getting to know each other. It’s an easy starter zine to get everyone comfortable with zine-making.

Zine of Introductions Supply List:

  1. TOOTZ assignment envelopes like these
  2. Reflective cardboard like this (no budget for ordering supplies? Look in the recycling bin or at your local thrift shop for shiny items like party crowns, mylar wrap, or aluminum baking supplies)
  3. Welcome letter and zine folding instruction manual— all in one! Download pdf
  4. Zine of Introductions official assignment Download pdf
  5. Zine of Introductions fill-in-the-blank zine Download pdf
  6. Zine of Introduction Sample Zines Download from this page (visit the Before Starting page for a folding reminder!)
  7. Wraps for Sample Zines Download pdf

What does it look like fully assembled? Check out our video