Assignment: TABULA RASA 

This assignment is a launch-pad for enjoying freedom to create anything at all. Tabula rasa means “blank slate”. Instead of “blank slates” to begin with, we share less intimidating “recycled plates” for your TOOTZ members to create with.

Tabula Rasa Zine supply list:

  1. TOOTZ assignment envelopes like these
  2. Search your recycling bin for papers with interesting patterns (old posters, calendars, wrapping papers, etc!) or download ours Download pdf
  3. Welcome letter and zine folding instruction manual— all in one! Download pdf
  4. Tabula Rasa official assignment Download pdf
  5. Zine of Introduction Sample Zines Download from this page
  6. Wraps for Sample Zines Download pdf

What does it look like fully assembled? Check out our video