This assignment helps members share talents and interests. It includes support materials that provide structure to go from brainstorming to zine-making.

Zine of Secret Abilities supply list:

  1. TOOTZ assignment envelopes like these
  2. Thick 8 1/2 x 11 card-stock paper
  3. Welcome letter and zine folding instruction manual— all in one! Download pdf
  4. Zine of Secret Abilities official assignment Download pdf
  5. Zine of Secret Abilities helpful note Download pdf
  6. Secret Ability trading cards Download pdf
  7. ​​Kid Powers Trading Card Download pdf
  8. Blank Zine Template Download pdf
  9. Zine of Secret Abilities Sample Zines Download from this page
  10. Wraps for Sample Zines Download pdf

What does it look like fully assembled? Check out our video