Assignment 3: ZINE OF ANSWERS

This assignment is for two friends to interview each other and make zines. With the help of a friend, members see themselves in a way they might not think of on their own.

Zine of Answers Supply List:

  1. TOOTZ assignment envelopes like these
  2. Novelty costume mustaches like this (no budget for ordering supplies? Use construction paper or brown shopping bags, cut out mustache shapes and adhere sticky tape)
  3. Welcome letter and zine folding instruction manual— all in one! Download pdf
  4. Zine of Answers official assignment Download pdf
  5. Zine of Answers Wanted Poster and helpful note Download pdf
  6. Two of the blank Zine Templates Download pdf
  7. Zine of Answers Sample Zines Download from this page (visit the Before Starting page for a folding reminder!)
  8. Wraps for Sample Zines Download pdf

What does it look like fully assembled? Check out our video